Academic Seminar

The forgotten bombardment of Middelburg 
On May 17, 1940, German artillery shelled the historic town of Middelburg in the Southwestern part of the Netherlands to pieces in an attempt to force the surrender of the remaining Dutch and French troups in the area. Because the raid was less destructive and caused fewer casualties than, for instance the German bombardment of Rotterdam on May 14, 1940, this event has largely been forgotten.

Academic seminar Ruined Cities 
A number of historical research centers, archives, and civic organizations have joined forces to investigate the consequences of bombing cities in World War II on the population and public memory. The results will be presented at the seminar to be held at the Zeeuwse Bibliotheek (Library of Zeeland) in Middelburg, the Netherlands in the afternoon of May 19th 2010.This academic conference is part of a week-long program of commemoration consisting of expositions, guided tours, a publication, a digital reconstruction of the historical town center and a theater play on location.